A learning dashboard for students to help them succeed

With Mijn Examenbundel, we help secondary school students pass their exams. We do this by providing students insight into their progress and results, after which they can study and practice specifically for those courses and the associated topics that require extra attention.

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een screenshot van de thuis pagina van de Mijn Examenbundel website


Webshop, Learning dashboard


Design sprint, UX & UI design, validation, information architecture, development


Symphony, VueJS, Propeller e-commerce implementation

A digital platform complementary to the Examenbundel books

ThiemeMeulenhoff's mission for Examenbundel: a 100% success rate for users of various Examenbundel products. To help achieve this mission, we got together with the client and we developed a product vision through a Design Sprint for a digital platform complementary to the well-known Examenbundel books.. We then validated this vision and realised it in a few releases.

The Examenbundel platform consists of two main sections. A marketing communication website with an integrated webshop where you can buy the books and a freemium learning dashboard, which students can use to prepare online for their final exams.

The Mijn Examenbundel section is a digital learning environment that helps students prepare for their exams in a targeted way. The platform gives students insight in how they are doing towards their final exams. Subsequently, students can study and practice the courses and topics that require attention based on content compiled by ThiemeMeulenhoff. After that, a new test can be taken to see if there is improvement, and so on.

Inzicht hoe je ervoor staat per vak én per onderwerp binnen dat vak

Insight in the progress and results of your course and its topics

al je vakken overzichtelijk op een rij

All your courses well-organised

Uitgebreid technisch ecosysteem

Both the Marcom website and Mijn Examenbundel are integrated with various other systems and data sources. For example, Mijn Examenbundel is connected to ThiemeMeulenhoff's own SSO (single sign-on) system. The content that is created for study and practice purposes is processed and in Thieme's own CMS.

We helped ThiemeMeulenhoff choose the CMS (Contentful) and the right e-commerce system (Propeller) for the Marcom website. The latter was developed with a VueJS storefront to allow efficient development.

mobiele versie van de Mijn Examenbundel webshop.

A well-organised webshop with stack discount when you order multiple books

de marcom website met makkelijke ingang naar Mijn Examenbundel

Marcom website with easy entry to Mijn Examenbundel

Sharpened vision through validation

During development, we continued to validate whether what we were doing was still the best option;

• How can we improve the platform to meet the users' needs, the students? Are the features we designed and created appreciated?

• How can we align the new features as closely as possible with the interests of the business?

• How do we ensure that we make the right technological choices so that we can continue developing in a sustainable way in ThiemeMeulenhoff's technical ecosystem?

By continually doing this, the vision and plan kept being fine-tuned, and we kept focus on what was most important.

VVV Texel desktop met verschillende accommodaties

One-stop-shop booking platform for regional tourism

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