Oerol Festival

Platform for both normal and 'corona-proof' festivals

One of the largest theatre festivals in Europe takes place every June on the beautiful Dutch island of Terschelling. The platform we created together with Oerol offers inspiration and information all year round and is connected to the existing ticketing module. When the festival was cancelled due to Corona, we developed a virtual festival environment. This way, visitors at home could still enjoy the festival 'live' (2020 and 2021).

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Event platform, virtual festival


Design, development, further development


React, Craft CMS, GatsbyJS

A future-proof platform that changes with the seasons

The platform facilitates the annual festival. Throughout the year, the content changes with the seasons. It provides information, has a webshop, offers inspiration, and provides the option for visitors to look back on previous events. Oerol remains in control.

The platform ensures Oerol is digitally ready for the future. Modern techniques and a great CMS offer flexibility and room for new ideas. Thanks to innovative technology, the site is entirely static and in the cloud. This allows the website to handle any visitor peaks efficiently.

Want to know more about the Oerol platform?

een rapport met het Oberon logo en een illustratie van een helder, digitaal platform
de programma pagina op de Oerol website
de detailpagina op de Oerol website
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