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Chickslovefood is the Netherlands' most popular food blog, with more than 800,000 unique visitors per month. Nina and Elise inspire people daily with new recipes. The completely new website with a customer environment for Chickslovefood members has several important new functions that contribute to the growth ambitions of the food blog.

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Room for new revenue models

Publishing recipes only did not result in the desired growth in traffic and revenue. To increase the profit from their online activities, they needed to learn more about the preferences of their visitors. A new website with a customer environment was the solution as it provides insight into user preferences. This data is used to provide a personalised online experience and to develop successful new (paid) products that match the needs of their fan base.

Twee vrouwen die eten aan het reviewen zijn

The needs of their fans as a starting point for the concept

We started with a survey (questionnaire) among the followers of Chickslovefood. With the information gathered from this research, we developed the concept for the new website with a customer environment. For example, recipes have been given checklists to help users cook. Visitors can quickly save and find their favourite recipes in their member environment.

The platform has become a user-friendly source of inspiration for tasty and easy recipes that users keep returning to.

Een receptpagina van Chickslovefood
De benodigdheden van een recept
Chickslovefood desktop home

We couldn't have wished for a better design. Very functional and a great updated look compared to our food blog platform.

Nina & Elise

Owners Chickslovefood

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Oncode Institute

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