A festival platform that remains exciting all year round

The largest documentary film festival in the world can get even bigger using a platform that caters to film lovers throughout the year. With a festival in November as their core. With a wealth of information. With hundreds of free films to watch.

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Festival platform


Development, launch and further development


React, Craft CMS, ElasticSearch, Symfony, Fiona integration, Active Tickets integration

More than a festival platform, enjoy it throughout the year

The platform facilitates the annual festival. And it does this with a super fast website. With beautiful reporting. With an easily searchable programme. With a time table and ticket sales.

Outside of the festival period, the website offers a variety of things to return for. For film lovers to watch films and read background information and for professionals to lay the foundation for new film projects and share knowledge.

Smart technology for fast and tailored content

The platform consists of a combination of techniques. The website has been built in React that communicates with an API. For content management, we selected Craft CMS. Additionally, it integrates various sources, such as Fiona for the film database and ActiveTickets for the ticket sales. We integrated Elasticsearch so visitors can search through the website easily and super fast.

de zoek pagina van IDFA
een film overview pagina waar details van een film bekeken kunnen worden
de "become a friend" pagina van IDFA waar mensen kunnen doneren

Working together for the best result

IDFA selects its suppliers based on their knowledge and experience. The platform was therefore created in collaboration of various partners; Momkai provided the UX and design, and ActiveTickets takes care of the ticket sales. The planning of the festival and the film selection is done in Fiona. Oberon develops, integrates, and makes the platform a coherent whole.

The editors cN easily put selections and stories from curators online, because the CMS is connected to the film database in Fiona.

Dirk Blikkendaal

IT Director IDFA


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