React Native for Web in Practice: Ik Ben

"Ik Ben" is the my-environment for customers of telecom provider Ben. In this app, everything related to your subscription can be arranged. This application has one source code for both app and web by using React Native for Web. This provides a consistent user experience across different platforms and makes forf an efficient development process.

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From app to web

Ben wanted to replace the outdated web environment. Oberon suggested a solution based on React Native for Web. With this technology, you develop both mobile applications as well as web versions with only one source code. Instead of three different versions, you build a product that runs on iOS, Android and the web and has the same functionality and experience everywhere.

Using this framework, Oberon built the Ik Ben web environment by reusing the existing code from the Ik Ben app. This allowed Oberon and Ben's IT teams to develop a new customer portal in a short time.

Note that the new web version of Ik Ben has all the characteristics that you associate with a web application. It is not a "refined app on the web", but a full-fledged web environment, both in terms of appearance, functionality and user-friendliness.

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