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A customer portal that fits in your pocket

The My T-Mobile app is a full-fledged customer portal. Besides having insight in your monthly consumption of data and minutes, T-Mobile customers can also find their invoices and adjust their subscription plan. Need more data? No problem! You can purchase extra data in the app so you can stay online. The app always works, even abroad. Go on holiday carefree, because you’re in control!

My T-Mobile app
T-Mobile dashboard op mobiel


Customer portal


Design and development, further development and maintenance


Native Apps, Swift, iOS, Kotlin, Android

Native app with over 1 million users

Oberon has created the T-Mobile since the first version in 2012. After we designed and launched the app, we continuously developed and improved it. Of course, together with the T-Mobile team.

The apps are built as native apps. The Android and iOS versions are, therefore, technically different apps. This means more time for development but it gives T-Mobile full control. And that’s what they want with over one million users.

The basis is, of course, one UX design and design system for both apps. But the designs are adapted to meet the conventions per device. This way, the users get what they’re used to.

T-Mobile credits kopen via het dashboard
T-Mobile gebruik zichtbaar via het dashboard

We aimed to become the highest valued channel. We didn't know then that we would also become the largest.

Richard de Boer

Strategist at Oberon

de mobiele versie van de Raleigh webshop
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