Online lesson portal with inspiration for teachers

With Thiemo we help teachers do what they enjoy most: giving inspiring and motivating lessons. We do this by offering extra inspiration, related resources and lesson ideas in addition to the existing digital teaching method materials of ThiemeMeulenhoff.

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Online lesson portal


Design sprints, Customer research, UX & UI design, Development sprints


VueJS, Nuxt, Symfony


The Lovie Awards - GOLD Winner in schools & education

Innovative and award-winning platform for all teachers in the Netherlands

How can we help teachers save time in their daily lesson preparation? In a design sprint, we came up with several solutions to that question that we validated with teachers. After several iterations, we came to the current solution. An open platform where teachers can find extra inspiration in addition to the existing method materials. So that they can easily create and teach their own lessons.

Besides that, instead of putting everything behind a license (which is common in the educational publishing industry), we chose to open up part of the platform to all teachers in the Netherlands. This way, teachers who do not use ThiemeMeulenhoff's teaching methods can still experience the quality and value of the product.

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